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I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.
John Steinbeck

Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly, Ph.D.
Educational Artist, Founder of Anagennao
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I am an educational designers who humbly aspires to be an educational artist  – an artist whose palette is our shared paces of connection and growth.  In my life journeys I have found my palette put to use in the k-12 classroom,  non-profit board room, exhibit hall, workshop,  conference gathering, strategic planning meeting,  nature  programing, online learning portal, graduate  course, collective impact network,  living room and even an entire community.   I enjoy most using my paints to create transformative learning environments that allow for the emergence of the as-yet imagined—for it is this creative and imaginative capacity that can foster catalytic change; change that moves us towards a sustainable  – a regenerative future for all.

I named my organization Anagennao, the Greek word for regenerative.  Translated literally it is…


Ana (again) + gen (birth) + nao (new) = New birth again and again,in other regeneration

I approach all my endeavors first and foremost as a learner, who has  gained the skills of complexity, systems thinking, nature-based design principles, group facilitation, interpretative design, sustainable community development, master planning, systems training, strategic management and planning, curriculum design, and exhibit design. I approach my work as an integrated process of creating safe space of innovation, identifying root problems, forging feedback loops, facilitating deeper learning and self discovery, and generating meaningful solutions to complex issues. I strongly embrace resilience thinking and the principles of natural systems as central values as I use the power of design to clarify, make human and energize the issues central to life in our society.

Anagennao Design Principles:

  1. Foster Innovation
  2. Reduce Uncertainty
  3. Strengthen Feedback Loops
  4. Celebrate Surprise
  5. Be Adaptive and Agile
  6. Except Limits
  7. Traverse Scales
  8. Value Place
  9. Honor Diversity
  10. Enhance Commons
  11. Learn Continuously
  12. Build Trust and Community
  13. Employ Renewable and Appropriate Only
  14. Be Resilient
  15. Transform and Shift
  16. Generate Hope, Joy and Awe
  17. Have Fun



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